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Paver Blocks
The provided Paver Blocks are structured in different designs, shapes, and patterns. These are primarily placed on footpaths, gardens, parking areas, and many more places. They are preventive of harsh climatic impacts.
Manhole Cover
Drains are demanded effective flow and disposal of liquid wastes from houses, industries, and allied areas. However, to cover those drains is equally imperative. For such purposes, we deliver quality, strong and climate-safe Manhole Covers.
Grass Paver
Our Grass Pavers are completely simple to install and assemble on-site. They are integrated with a quality grid system that demands zero tools or instruments for assembly. Besides, they can be trimmed down to the required shape and size with simple cutting tools.
The offered Baluster is a strong and thick boundary that is typically designed in white color alongside some intrinsic designs. These are generally found in villas, bungalows, extensive gardens, and allied places.
Kerb Stone
To make straight and solid barriers on the roads, various construction contractors use our Kerb Stones that are small in design and heavy in weight. These can endure the impact of car accidents, climatic damages, and water.
Saucer Drain
The provided Saucer Drain is a modular drainage system that is typically found in new structured buildings and parks. It is slightly curved in the middle to hold water and transfer it to the drainage system while making the encompassing area mess-free.  

Our Gratings can be found in parks, footpaths, roads, industrial setups, and many more areas. These are installed over a drain to let the water seep through without carrying the wastage such as polybags, big stones, and allied materials.

Stamp Concrete
The customers must have seen concretes on which distinctive patterns and designs are engraved making them one-piece throughout. Such paths are created after using our Stamp Concrete that has great performance, resistance, and strength.
Grc Products
To amplify the surrounding of any area, the customers can always use our Grc Products. These can be outlined in different intricate designs and patterns in compliance with the users’ anticipation.
Boundary Wall
To separate an industrial set or a house, numerous customers all around the nation use our Boundary Wall. This is tailored with strong concrete, sand, and allied construction material. It also possesses thin metal rods that give it rigidity and longevity under all climatic conditions.  

Our Tiles have abrasive back that enables the concrete material to stick together for simple installation purpose. Every tile is perfectly treated, polished and cut to deliver shiny appearance to the overall structure alongside great resistance against water, chemicals, stains and so on.
Roof Tiles
Sturdy, attractive and precisely designed Roof Tiles are available for adding protection with appeal to the spaces. They are developed using high-quality clay and other raw materials to add utility with style.

We mainly supplies in West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Assam & Sikkim.